11’4″ Bounce Super Cruiser


11’4″ Bounce Super Cruiser

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Performance and durability for flat water

Our flagship model, this stand up paddleboard is perfect for those who want to cruise easily on flat water, rivers, lakes or ocean waves. The aerodynamic shape paired with a displacement hull allows the board to effortlessly cut through water. The scooped-out deck brings stability by putting the rider lower in the water. Hard rails and a 32″ width ensure that even novice riders stay dry.

Recommended for: Flat Water, Rivers & Lakes, Open Ocean, Cruising, Rentals and Camps.

Available in TCT and H-TCT constructions, find out more about the different technologies.



Length: 11’4″
Width: 32″
Thickness: 4.75
Volume: 215L
Weight: 33lb (TCT), 28lb (H-TCT)
H-TCT only: Automated breather valve and drain plug

Rider: Up to 265lbs
Fin: Futures KEEL 44.4
Handle: LiftSUP
Leash Plug: CONNEXSUP (nose/tail/center)
Tie Downs: 2 tie down points

Many SUP brands market their products as stronger than the “other brands”. While some of these brands may utilize techniques to make their boards marginally more durable, nothing compares to our patented formula.

They’re Durable

Forget about pretty painted boards that chip when you look at them, ding at the slightest hit, and have foam cores that suck up water. Forget about squishy, flexy products that don’t provide stability or performance. Bounce employs an entirely unique SUP construction that creates the lightweight, stiff board you would expect from a traditional epoxy construction, but with unparalleled impact resistance and durability. The trick? Thermal Composite Technology or “TCT”. We infuse our thermoplastic resin into fiberglass cloth instead of using a traditional, more brittle, thermoset resin such as epoxy. It resists rocks, truck beds, board racks, garages, kids, rental docks – truly, these boards are tough.


They’re Green

One of the most exciting aspects of Bounce SUP™ is the unique, clean construction of our boards. We’ve eliminated 2 major steps from traditional board construction. Which ones? We don’t shape a foam blank and we don’t sand a fiberglass or carbon fiber skin. No foam shaping means there’s no irritating foam dust and there’s no wasted material. No sanding of glass coats means there’s no harmful fiberglass dust and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the air of our shop. Furthermore, we have eliminated nasty chemicals like acetone from our production line. When you walk through our factory there is absolutely none of the brain-burning smell usually associated with the board-building business. Basically, our manufacturing method eliminates all of the major environmental and high-labor reasons why so many board companies export this great industry to Asia. We’d rather keep it clean and keep it local.


American Designed & Built

That’s right. Our SUPs are all designed and built in the USA – Oceanside, California to be exact. Our parent company, Bounce Composites®, has built thousands of SUPs for our partner OEM Brands. As we continue those valued relationships, we now have the opportunity to bring our own branded boards to the market. Whether you buy from our brand directly or from our great OEM partners, you get the same great Bounce technology.


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